What is a Moka Pot and Why do I Need One?

What is a Moka Pot and Why do I Need One?

A Moka pot is a beautiful 8 sided device that makes espresso-like coffee on the stove top. Coffee experts and aficionados will be quick to tell you It’s not espresso! And while that is true, it does mimic espresso in some key ways.

  1. It uses highly pressurized water to brew the coffee
  2. It makes a very strong, small cup of coffee
  3. It brings out the flavors of the coffee in an intense way.

The third point is the most important. For example, if you have a particular coffee bean that has a strong flavor profile with typical brewing methods, such as Guatemalan beans, than brewing those beans in the Moka pot may make the flavors almost too strong. However, if you have a subtly flavored coffee where you want to taste more of the notes, those would be the perfect candidate for Moka Pot brewing.

So if you’re looking for many of the benefits of espresso, without the hefty price tag, then you should try out the Moka Pot. We recommend trying our Six Bean Espresso beans or our Peruvian beans for this brewing method.

Brewing Recipe:

1) Fill the bottom of the Moka pot with freshly boiled water up to the bottom of the pressure release valve. (using cold water, could result in burnt coffee!)

2) Fill the filter basket with ground coffee. Try for a consistency slightly finer than table salt.

3) Place the the filter in the water and remove any stray grounds by running your finger across the outside. Screw the Moka pot together tightly. Careful! It will be hot!

4) Place the Moka pot on a stove top at medium-high heat, with the lid open.

5) After 2-5 minutes, the brew should start bubbling into the upper chamber.

6) Reduce the heat to medium-low immediately after you see coffee and close the lid.

7) When the brew is about 80% complete (2-3 minutes), remove from heat.

8) Enjoy your thick, delicious coffee.



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